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September 2, 2014

9/2/14 will be the launch day for Black Sheep's Meadow.  That's in 2 weeks!  The book will be available through my website & publisher here at www.aj-mayers.com.

It will be distributed through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and as an eBook as well.  It will be available through those platforms in late September/early October after going through a few channels.  I wanted to make the book available early to my followers...

...so here's how to order the book TODAY, so that it arrives just around the release date of September 2.


Any visitors to www.aj-mayers.com or my Instagram and Twitter followers will have first dibs on the good news and can order my book now.  If you will be attending the STCE Comic Con where I'll be appearing on September 13 & 14, you can bring your purchased copy for me to sign or you can pick one up there (RSVP HERE on Facebook).  You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter for updates as to where my other public appearances will be in Laredo, Texas that weekend.  For those of you in Los Angeles, I will have a Hollywood release party in late September.  You can bring your book there or purchase one on site so that I can personalize it.


Now let's get reading and purchase Black Sheep's Meadow early by clicking HERE!

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Black Sheep's Meadow official book trailer premiere!

Today, July 13, 2013, marks the release for the official trailer for my fourth novel, Black Sheep's Meadow.  I spent a few weeks producing this gem and it took me months to find the perfect song.  "Every Breath You Take," is the song I chose, which is covered by Denmark + Winter.  The original song was performed by The Police.  The trailer depicts the chilling and haunting tone that readers will experience in the chilling and creepy tale of an obsessive stalker that tries to torment the lives of two star-crossed lovers.  The themes of the book are revealed in the blood-pumping trailer and it'll prepare you for the dark ride you'll will journey on as you flow through the pages of Black Sheep's Meadow.

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Black Sheep's Meadow will be available this September.

Black Sheep's Meadow is coming soon!

Hello everyone! I have some exciting news.  I have finally picked a release date for my fourth novel, Black Sheep's Meadow!  However, if you keep checking back here, you might be able to get it much earlier than the actual release date.  And for those of you who rather have the eBook rather than the hardcover or paperback version, it will be available shortly after the release of Black Sheep's Meadow.

More news...

I will release a book trailer for this title as well.  If you click the image below you can see the "Wedding Teaser Invite" trailer I released a few months back to get you hyped for my first ever mystery/crime drama.  It's dark, intriguing, and will have you at the edge of your seat with anxiety!  I can't wait for you all to read it.  It has been a title I've been working on for two years.  Two years ago I wrote a version that hit too close to home, so I had to scrap the five chapters I wrote.  A year later I began writing Black Sheep's Meadow in August 2013.  It has taken me almost a year to make it come to fruition, but at last it is near.  Stay tuned because the new book trailer for BSM is coming next week!