Black Sheep's Meadow
By A.J. Mayers

Black Sheep's Meadow: Coming Soon - Summer 2014

Synopsis - Lance's past is plagued with tragedy and darkness, which has caused obstacles in his adult life.  After a breakup with his former girlfriend, Claire, Lance began a relationship with Amy, who he eventually asks to marry.  Like a ghost from his past, strange occurrences begin to happen to him and to the people he loves.  Someone begins to stalk and harass Lance, and the only person he believes could be capable of such evil is Claire, who was hurt and never found closure from Lance's lack of fidelity in their relationship. The threats become deadlier the closer he gets to his wedding day, and a mysterious woman dressed in black begins to haunt him.  Is Claire or some other culprit plotting to kill Lance and seek revenge? Will Lance's wedding day become his funeral...till death do him part?

BSM back.jpg

Watch the Black Sheep's Meadow trailer and teaser below.