Among Us: October 2011

Book 1 of The Among Us Trilogy

SynopsisA secret government organization called the Non-Human Relations agency has been communicating with beings from another planet for decades. 

One night the agency asks a photographer named Derek Conrad to join them on a classified mission to take photos of an alien landing at an undisclosed desert location. 

Years later after his mysterious and untimely death, a set of clues begin to turn up for Shane Baker, a twenty three year old college student. Derek has left behind a message for him, and Shane begins an adventure to discover what it is, however the deeper he gets into the mystery, the more dangerous his path becomes. 

Shane's quest to uncover the truth about the clues left behind open up a world of dangers. The government wants to keep this message a secret by any means, but they live among us...

They're Already Here

Among Us
By A.J. Mayers